Purchase procedure

Purchase online www.gluebuy.co.uk can be done with or without registration.
A registered customer is not always necessary to enter address or data, which is a lot easier.

A minimum Total Order is 200,00 EUR!


Select the desired item with one of available options.

When you click on the button Add To cart under the trade items, this item will be inserted in your cart.
Under the quantity, select the desired quantity of the selected item. If you like add to cart any other item, click on the Continue shopping button, which is located below the Shopping Cart content page.
The product can be found in the menu or with the Search field and put it in your cart by the procedure described.
Click the Update button , if you change the quantity in the box the number of items that you want to buy.
When you have in cart all the desired items, click the Checkout button.

If you want remove a specific item, click the red cross, on the right of the selected item.

During the buying process, you can view items in your shopping cart by clicking on the "Cart".


Step 1: In Checkout Options you can select to Register Account (Mandatory for Business Costumers) or Guest Checkout, then click Continue. If you are Returning Customer insert your e-mail and password than click Login.

Step 2: In Billing Details (Guest Checkout) or Account & Billing Details (Register Account) you insert your personal/business and your address information. All marked fields are Mandatory. If you wish to proceed, you must tick to agree with our Terms & Conditions, then click Continue.

Step 3: In Delivery Details you can select existing address or new address for delivery, then click Continue.

Step 4: In Delivery Method  you select the preferred shipping method to use on your order, then click Continue.

Step 5: In Payment Method  you select the preferred payment method to use on your order. If you wish to proceed, you must tick to agree with our Terms & Conditions, then click Continue.

Step 6: In Confirm Order check the details of your order. If all details are correct click Confirm Order.

By completing and submitting the following electronic order form you are making an offer to purchase goods which, if accepted by us, will result in a binding contract.

Contract with the ordered product and the price will be forwarded to the email address you listed, but only after the completion of purchase.
When finished, click Continue.


  • Europe - 4 to 8 working days (based on deliveries to major cities)

The cost of delivery depends  on the weight of the package in EU. For packages over 30 kg delivery is charged individually.


  • Rest of the world - 8 to 15 working days (based on deliveries to major cities)

The cost of shipping outside the EU is informative. For each delivery is charged individually.

If you have any comments concerning the delivery, you can enter in the Remarks box.


If you discover a bug, you want to fix it by clicking the Back button in your browser window to move the menu, where this error appeared and correct it.
By clicking the Confirm Order the menu Your Order #xxxx Has Been Processed! will be visible, and your order will be posted to our and in your e-mail.

Your order will not be shipped, until we receive payment.

If you want, even after completion of the purchase to change your order, you can write additional notice to the e-mail admin(at)gluebuy.co.uk.

Document of your realized orders will be filed at the headquarters of our company.

To assist with the purchase or for additional information you can send e-mail at admin(at)gluebuy.co.uk.

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